a talk on emptiness in community building

“We cannot let another person into our hearts or minds unless we empty ourselves.” -Dr. M. Scott Peck

Saturday, March 6th   2:00 – 3:00 p.m Eastern Time via Zoom       Cost: $10 

Shortly after Dr. M. Scott Peck published ‘The Road Less Travelled,’ he met  E.S. (she likes to be called by her initials) while attending a personal retreat at the Order’s convent in New York State. She and Dr. Peck became good friends and he was later baptized in that same chapel.

Emptying is the process that transforms individuals and a group into Community. It is also the most mysterious and confounding to articulate. Please join us for a talk about emptiness by E.S. who has been involved in Community Building since the inception of the FCE in 1984. The talk will be followed by an opportunity to ask E.S. questions.

Thank you for your interest interest in this special event. The response was overwhelming.

Registration is no longer possible as we prepare to set up the conference call for all participants.

E.S. is a Sister of the Order of Saint Helena. She also serves as a Spiritual Director and as a retreat and conference conductor in the Episcopal Church. Dr. Peck asked E.S. to become one of the first facilitators for the Community Building workshop model after he created the Foundation for Community Encouragement (FCE). E.S. was an FCE board member for nine years and co-facilitated the first FCE public workshop in Knoxville. E.S. has facilitated and co-facilitated more than 50 FCE Community Building workshops. E.S. and Dr. Peck were close friends and he was known to refer to her as his Spiritual Director.

E.S. is an author of books and poetry on spirituality. She is the co-author with Doug Shadel, another Community Building companion, of a book on the spiritual journey: Vessel of Peace, A Guide for Pilgrims of the Spirit, Abingdon Press 2007;  Together and Apart: A Memoir of the Religious Life, Morehouse Publishing, 2008, The Poet’s Eye, Academia Press, 2012; and You Really Want to Know: A Spiritual Love Story, 2018.

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