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Moved to Speak is  a collaborative effort in the Chicago Metropolitan area to revive and expand the legacy of Dr. Peck’s important work. By offering Community Building Workshops, we hope to extend the profound vision of M. Scott Peck and the thousands of people across the world instrumental in the peacemaking and personal growth associated with the Community Building mission: 


We encourage people in a fragmented world to discover new and better ways of living together.


Living, learning, and teaching the principles of community, we serve as a catalyst for individuals, groups, and organizations to:

  • Communicate with authenticity

  • Deal with difficult issues

  • Welcome and affirm diversity

  • Bridge differences with integrity

  • Relate with compassion and respect

The FCE approach encourages the tolerance of ambiguity, the experience of discovery, and the tension between holding on and letting go.


In our work to empower others, we remember our reliance upon a spirit within and beyond ourselves.

Please help.


We avoid turning anyone away, but our scholarships are not regularly funded. We are able to continue offering workshops only through the generosity of those who believe in the value of our mission.


Please support community building with a monetary donation.

Thank you.

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Moved To Speak

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